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Den Anfang macht "The Battle of Waterloo, with those of Ligny and Quatre Bras, described by eye-witnesses and by the series of official accounts published by authority." von L. Booth, London, 1852, eleventh edition.

Interessanter Weise sind hier die Bataillone der 4ten Hannoverschen Brigade mit den Landwehrbataillonen Münden, Osterode, Lüneburg und Verden gar nicht dargestellt. Das sind immerhin 2600 Mann die hier fehlen! Das das keiner bemerkt hat ist schon komisch.


F Part of the 2 R. div. of Dutch, L. G. B. of Perponcher, the 2 brig. Col. Prince of Saxe Weimar. The 1 and 2 bat. reg. Or. Nassau, with the 2 and 3 bat. of the 2 regt. Nassau Usingen. It was at the extreme left, occupying Papelotte, Smohain, and La Haye. The 1 bat. of the 2 regt, above was posted at Gomont. (See i.)

x 1 brig. G. M. Ct. de Byland, same div., the 7 bat. of the line (Belgic), the 27 Chass., the 5,7, and 8 bat. Dutch Mil. The 5 bat. in reserve having suffered much on the 16th. Attached to this div. was Capt. Byleveld’s bat.

G 5 div. Brit L. G. Sir T. Picton, having 2 bat. M. Rogers, R. Brit. Artill. and Capt. Braun, Hanov. Artill.

y The 5 Hanov. brig. Col. Vincke, 4 bat. Militia of Hameln, Gifhorn, Hildesheim, and Peine.

z 9 (or Scotch) brig. M. G. Sir Denis Pack, 3 bat. 1 regt. (R. Scots), the 1 bat. of the 42 and 92 regt. Highlanders, and the 2 bat. 44 regt. It charged with the bayonet the French column, T. (See m.)

aa 8 Brit brig. M. G. Sir J. Kempt, the 1 bat. 28 and 32 regt. the 1 bat. 79 regt. (Highlanders), the 1 bat 95 regt. (Riflemen), and one comp, of 2 bat. same regt. (See m below.)

bb 10 Brit. brig. M. G. Sir J. Lambert (belonging to the 6 div.), the 1 bat. of 4, 27, and 40 regt, of the line. This brig, was particularly engaged in the evening, in the retaking of La Haye Sainte.

cc 2 brig. Heavy Cav. Brit., M. G. Sir W. Ponsonby, 1 regt. R. Drag., 2 regts. N. Br. Drag. (Scotch Greys), and the 6 regt Drag. (Inniskilling). This brig, made one of the boldest charges on the French art. (See m, o.

dd 4 brig. Light Horse, M. G. Sir J. Vandeleur, 11, 12, and 16 regt Light Drag.(Brit.) charged on T, m.

ee 6 brig. Light Horse, M. G. Sir H. Vivian, 1 regt. Hus. K. G. L. the 10 and 18 Hus. (Brit) In the afternoon, the 6 and 4 brig, moved towards the right of the centre. (See y.)




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